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Agriculture advance estimate pegs grain output higher at 275.68 mt

Last Updated: Thursday, 17th August, 2017 10:30 AM Visits 129

NEW DELHI: The government raised its estimate on food grain output for the crop year ended June, with good rains allowing farmers to have a record harvest of wheat, rice, coarse cereals and pulses. 

The agriculture ministry's fourth advance estimates of major crops pegged food grain production at 275.68 million tonnes, 0.84% higher than the third advance estimate. That would also be 4.01% more than the previous record, set in 2013-14. 

The first advance estimate was issued in September 2016, followed by the second in February this year and the third in May. The ministry's fifth and final estimate for the 2016-17 crop will be announced in December or January. 

"As a result of very good rainfall and various policy initiatives taken by the government, the country has witnessed record food grain production in the current year," the agriculture ministry said. 

The government estimates rice production to have reached 110.15 mt in the 2017 crop year, 0.92% higher than the third advance estimate and breaking the previous record of 106.65 mt achieved during 2013-14.Wheat output is pegged at 98.38 mt, or 0.96% more than what the ministry projected in May. The country had its highest wheat production in 2013-14 at 95.85 mt. Last year, the output was 92.29 mt. 

Output of pulses — largely gram, tur and urad — is projected at 22.95 mt, an increase of 2.46% over the third advance estimate. This segment has seen a significant increase in acreage and productivity, the ministry said. Coarse cereals production is estimated at 44.19 mt, lower by 0.45% over third advance estimate, but still the highest in a decade. 

The government has put cotton production at 33.09 million bales, an increase of 1.57% over the third advance estimate and 10.3% more than the previous year. Each bale weighs 170 kg. Production of sugarcane is estimated at 306.72 mt, 0.23% higher. 

Source: ET