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नया बीज विधेयक - विवाद और सवाल
Last Updated:  Sep 02, 2020

खेती किसानी में बीज की गुणवत्ता से फसल की गुणवत्ता तय होती है. हरित क्रांति के वक्त बीजों की क्वालिटी, उत्पादन और बिक्री को रेगुलेट करने के लिए 1966 में बीज एक्ट सामने आया.

Greening Delhi needs more will power than wallet power
Last Updated:  Aug 31, 2020

As Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are proactively supporting plantation drives, the national capital should also encourage farmers to surround the city with green walls of trees.

China's Eco-Terror Plot How Can India Protect Itself? NewsX
Last Updated:  Aug 02, 2020

While citizens in the UK, US, and Canada have found mystery seed packets, the ITSA has cautioned that it could be a form of 'seed terrorism'.

China Unleashes 'Seed Terrorism' Diabolical Eco-Warfare NewsX
Last Updated:  Aug 01, 2020

China seems to have unleased yet another diabolical plan of 'seed terrorism'. Several citizens of the UK, US, and Canada have received mystery seeds packets at their doorsteps or in their mail. | NewsX

HTBT issue: We should embrace seed technology, but not through illegal means
Last Updated:  Jul 24, 2020

Still reeling from the Covid-19 crisis, the Indian seed sector is being challenged by another deadly contamination

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