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AGRITECH INDIA 2015, 21-22-23rd August,2015- Bangalore, India

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Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India, more so in the vast rural areas. It also contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic  Product (GDP) say over 25%. As we enter a new post WTO Scenario and with IT revolution, new inventions are happening day by day in every sphere. Agriculture is not away from these inventions so Agriculture now is Agri Business! In recent years much emphasis has been given by the Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India on commercializing agriculture in the country. Adequate production and distribution of food has become a high priority and a
global concern. In the fast changing world and increasing competition in a globalised economy, there is a need for exploiting the available resources to the maximum level and use of best technologies available world over, to cope up with domestic demand of food and also to target export market.

This will be particularly relevant in South India where farmers grow a number of crops but have technical constraints in enhancing production and productivity due to inadequate exposure to advanced technologies & inputs coupled with advanced production practices, logistics and marketing. In addition, shortage of labour is a major concern for progressive farmers of South India who are ready to offer more wages to labourers. Therefore, they are forced to become machinery-dependant in their farm operations. As a result, South India is emerging as one of the hottest destinations as well as a strong market with buying potential
for farm machinery and equipments. In order to introduce latest mechanization & technological innovations, AgriTech India 2015 is proved to be an ideal platform for you to launch your products & services among thousands of farmers & agro entrepreneurs who will be visiting this expo.


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