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Pre-requisite Conditions to apply for commercial release of Bt Cotton Hybrids

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Commercial Release of Bt Cotton Hybrids for the Year 2017
MoEF&CC has transferred the responsibility of Commercial approval of Bt Cotton Hybrid to Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers welfare. From this year onwards ICAR will give the approval for commercial release of the Bt cotton Hybrids / varieties having transgenic events in place of Event Based Approval Mechanism (EBAM) Committee of GEAC, MoEF &CC, New Delhi. In this regard, a standing committee is constituted for the year 2017 under the Chairmanship of Deputy Director General (Crop Science), Dr J S Sandhu for identification and recommendation of superior Bt cotton hybrids for commercial cultivation.
Formulation of guidelines for the commercial release of Bt Cotton Hybrid is under the process of ICAR. For this year, ICAR has released the pre-requisite conditions to apply for commercial release of Bt Cotton Hybrids.