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India's rapeseed oil meal export from Apr to Dec up by 56%: Solvent Extractors Association

Last Updated: Tuesday, 8th January, 2019 05:36 PM Visits 78

India's rapeseed meal export has increased sharply by 56% during first three quarters of the 2018-19 fiscal, with South KoreaVietnamand Thailand accounting for major imports, said Solvent Extractors Association (SEA) release. 

The SEA release said: "The export of oilmealsduring December 2018, provisionally reported at 303,115 tons compared to 391,431 tons in December 2017. The overall export during April to December 2018 is reported at 2,387,028 tons compared to 2,246,989 tons during the same period of last year i.e. up by 6%. The export of rapeseed meal is sharply increased to 821,777 (461,937) tons in first nine months, mainly exported to South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand." 

SEA said that the export of rapeseed meal and soybean meal to China is unlikely to resume during current financial year as procedure for registration with MoA, China is too cumbersome, lengthy and time consuming to complete all formalities. 

Iranian market has opened up for Indian soybean meal. During current year from April to December 2018, about 3.0 lakh tons of soybean meal shipped against last year just 23,000 tons, supporting export of oilmeals from India. 

During April – Dec 2018 Vietnam imported 422,573 tons of oilmeals (compared to 430,957 tons); consisting of 45,909 tons of soybean meal, 139,009 tons of rapeseed meal, and 237,230 tons of Rice Bran Extraction. South Korea imported 571,597 tons of oilmeals (compared to 639,405 tons) ; consisting 359,575 tons of rapeseed meal, 24,048 tons of soybean meal and 187,974 tons of castor meal. Thailand imported 252,790 tons of oilmeals (compared to 139,148 tons); consisting 20,025 tons of soybean meal, 10,306 tons of De-oiled Rice Bran Extraction, and 221,836 tons of rapeseed meal. France import 108,359 tons of oilmeals (compared to 96,069 tons) consisting 105,361 tons of soybean meal and 2,998 tons of Castor meal and Iran imported 305,305 tons of soybean meal. 

The export from Kandla is reported at 1,253,523 tons (53%), followed by Mumbai including JNPT handled 293,479 tons (12%), Mundra handled 282,710 tons (12%), Kolkata handled 272,186 tons (11%) and Others including Hazira and Pipavav handled 285,130 (12%).

Source: ET