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Pacific Seeds' new treatment plant unveiled

Last Updated: Monday, 25th September, 2017 05:09 PM Visits 217

Pacific Seeds launches new seed treatment plant. Enjoying the launch are (from left) Advanta Seeds Australia MD Nick Gardner, UPL CEO Jai Shroff, Advanta Seeds CEO Bhupen Dubey and Federal Member for Groom, John McVeigh.Contributed

BUOYED by the continued growth of the agricultural industry, Pacific Seeds has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new seed treatment plant, which was unveiled today at its Toowoomba headquarters.

The plant, which will provide better handling of the seed, improved accuracy in chemical application, a safer working environment and energy savings, was officially unveiled by  Member for Groom John McVeigh. 

The Australian-built machine replaces a plant that was nearly 17 seasons old.


The new seed treatment plant will allow for a range of benefits, both to farmers and those handling seed. 

These include: 

  • Softer handling of the seed - maintaining quality throughout processing 
  • Better seed coating - meaning less rubbing of chemical applied to the seed
  • The ability to apply chemicals and powders in laywers - increasing the efficacy of treatments 
  • Improved accuracy in chemical application 
  • Improved ergonomics around the plant - providing a safer working environment and improving clean down times 
  • Greater efficiency of resources - an estimated 40 to 50 percent reduction in gas usage

Source: The Chronicle