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Farmer strike forces Maharashtra government to lift stock limit on pulses

Last Updated: Thursday, 1st June, 2017 12:05 PM Visits 110

PUNE: As the farmer strike intensified in Maharashtra, the state government lifted the stock limit on pulses, barring chana, a decision it had kept pending despite the central government directing the state governments to remove the stock limit a fortnight ago. 

Maharashtra had imposed stock limit on pulses, edible oil and edible oilseeds till September 30, 2017. On Thursday, it exempted pulses from this order. 

Traders and farmers had been demanding removal of stock limit to support the falling priced of tur, which have declined below the minimum support price

Prices of moong and masoor are also depressed. Only chana prices are still above MSP as there are shortages. The state government has continued the stock limit on chana. 

Opening up of exports is the only remaining policy measure that can give some more support to tur prices. 

The state government is under growing support with growing farmer unrest as commodity prices are ruling at unremunerative levels.

Source: ET